Hamburg, 10 October 2023

Orca Class newbuildings

There are quite a few exciting topics within the Harren Group, but one thing in particular excites us at the moment: our Orca Class newbuildings!

This week we had the great honour of being received by Minister for Transport Volker Wissing in Berlin as part of the federal programme for the public funding of vessel newbuildings. A great support and a great experience – thank you so much!

Our new Orca heavy lift vessels will enable us to offer completely climate-neutral transport solutions. Furthermore, they will be the most efficient ships in their class with consumption and emission figures far superior to any existing heavy lift vessel today. The Orcas will be the benchmark for the entire industry.

Apart from the monetary effect, it’s also a great confirmation from the outside. After a very extensive testing process, external experts also share the opinion that the Orcas will also be the best heavy lift vessels in the world in terms of efficiency.
Many thanks to our fantastic Orca team – you are doing a great job! Without you and your unparalleled commitment, we would never have reached where we are today.

Many thanks also to Franziska Fuchs, Jakob Christiansen and Sebastian Westphal, who accompanied me to Berlin. The three of them exemplify our great teamwork, to which so many fantastic colleagues within the Harren Group contribute every day.

Dr. Martin Harren
Owner and CEO of SAL Heavy Lift and the Harren Group
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